In the times past of entrenched relations between nations and states, the preservation of harmony, peace and stability has always been a major concern. But situations of conflict often arise in a complex setting of historical, social, cultural and political interaction between communities; accordingly, they must be dealt with in a multifaceted and integrative manner.

“In order to "practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours", as the peoples of the United Nations proclaim in the Preamble to the Charter, we first have to understand each other, or appreciate each other's way of life and socio-cultural identity. This is only possible if we are knowledgeable about our distinct cultures, traditions and value systems. The intercultural and civilizational communication and interreligious talk must provide essential methods to deal with all these diversities that increase understanding between people, religion and cultures.

The initiative of the conference aims at bringing various integrative approaches, tactics and methods of global mind-set to a platform for effective discussion and negotiation towards a practical implementation. The conference expect to provide suggestions to resolve conflict issues, and to present exercises for understanding other cultures, negotiating styles, and religions which will prevent unnecessary misinterpretations of other people’s behaviour, which can aggravate conflicts that already happen.

The conference will surely be a platform for dialogue, cooperation and worldwide co-ordination between major scholars and leaders.